Literally the best and most thorough treatment, communication, and service I’ve ever received from a chiropractor (and possibly even from any doctor, ever).
I was deeply impressed with the total care from start to finish, from the surface stuff to the deeper stuff.

Without hesitation, I’d gladly give my heartfelt, enthusiastic recommendation of Dr. Wolf to anyone, any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

– RenĂ©e B.

Update: I moved to Waco about 6 months ago. I have struggled finding a chiropractor that has provided the quality of care that Dr. Wolf does. I was in Brownwood today and made an appointment with Dr. Wolf because I know I would leave feeling so much better. Brownwood/Early/Coleman – this is the chiropractor for you!

By far, the most fantastic, caring chiropractor I’ve ever been to. He really spends the time necessary to determine what you specifically need. Dr. Wolf is the best!

– Stephen S.

Finally convinced To go to a “chiropractor ” for my back and neck pain that I have had for over 9 months! Felt better after just ONE treatment! They file my insurance and staff is super friendly and there is almost no wait time to see Dr. Wolf. He does X-rays before he ever does anything to ensure patient safety before treatment! Always feel better after I go!

– Evyonne C.

Excellent treatment. He knows about what’s going on and what you need before ever doing an adjustment. That makes me feel safer being that he knows what to pull and push.

I have had great degrees of improvement in my neck and back since seeing Dr. Wolf. I am so thankful that my problems were not only treatable, but correctable. No one had ever given me a correction plan before. Thank you Dr. Wolf!

– Amy H.

Great office with amazing people plus a doctor who cares. I have never felt better, the treatment has changed my life. I am doing things with my children and at work I haven’t done in years.

– Alexia R.